About Us

What Makes Us

Soft Solutions Network, is a Software Development/Information Systems company based in Nigeria. Soft Solutions Network has been in operation since 2008 and the company was duely registered with the CAC in 2014. Since the company's inception in 2008 the company has taken on highly customized IT solutions as well as generic IT solutions.

We are experienced in designing, building and implementing information systems that solve targeted real world problems. We are always thrilled to be a part of your business solutions.

We undertake from simple websites to complex accounting software capable of handling your finances to well secured log in portals for schools that are always very simple and easy to use.


To help create a world of convenience where all of the world is always and simply just one click away, any day, anytime and anywhere…

Most importantly, to contribute immensely and meaningfully in discovering and breaking new grounds in the industry. We see a nearby future where living conditions become even better as a result of ICT solutions/services and we are a great part of that future.


To offer highly specialized and effective ICT solutions/services that complement our clients’ daily business efforts and ideas while paying close attention to the utmost satisfaction of our distinguished clients.

We ensure that our technical knowledge and abilities are translated into satisfaction customer satisfaction as that is our very essence of existence.


Our core values are deeply driven by a genuine desire for excellence and perfection which directly translates to customer satisfaction. Also to operate with the highest standards of integrity and in so doing break grounds in the industry.


Our Management Structure

Our management structure is architectured to focus on innovation and creativity as a means to always provide meaningful and original solutions to our clients at all times.

At Soft Solutions Network, we do not believe in impossibilities. If it has not been done before then we simply would be the first to do it. Here at Soft Solutions Network, this is how we think.