Our Portfolio

Custom Software Development

As a corporate body, this is the very essence of what we stand for. We believe that every organization is unique in its own form and structure hence generic off-the-shelf software doesn’t quite cut it in this modern business age. Organizations who plan and intend to stay a head of their game in the ever increasing competitive business world of today must utilize specialized business software solutions that solve their business needs; and as such keep them operating at their highest possible level of productivity and efficiency.
This is what an effective and productive business model has become today and we are at the helm of affairs to complement all of your productivity efforts; regardless of what it is that you do. In our own way; we want to be a solid part of achieving your goal.

Web Design & Development

Soft Solutions Network is a company recognized for innovation, customized & cost effective solutions. Here at Soft Solutions, we pride ourselves on giving you the perfect job/Solution for your needs. Our team and consultants have many years of experience in delivering full “end to end” solutions to meet your requirements. As a fully integrated solutions provider, we offer you a full range of professional services that e-businesses need, by providing strategy and implementation of IT solutions for businesses in the new economy and Web Solution. Our business model is to provide you cost effective Onsite Consulting followed; by a totally outsourced solution. This model helps us in keeping your developments costs low, while providing world class and quality Application development support.

E-Commerce / Online Store

When we set out to develop an online store for our clients it goes beyond simply putting a functional store together. We understand the nature of your goods and/or services and then decide on the best approach to give your products and/or services the most visibility while your visitors arrive in your store.

Online Marketplace (Locali)

Locali is a FREE online marketplace that gives you the opportunity to meet SELLERS and BUYERS of just about any Product and Service. Locali provides you with a FREE website/page (locali.com.ng/public/[your_username_here]) so help you showcase your uploaded products/services and also provides the functionality to easily and quickly share your products/services on major social media platforms such as twitter, facebook and whatsapp.

After signing up, all you have to do is to upload as many Products and/or Services on Locali and then connect with other Buyers and Sellers to gain visibility and share your products and/or services on various social media platforms from within your Locali account.

Your FREE website/page link can and should be shared with your clients/prospective customers just as you would share a regular website link.

School Portal

One of our software solutions includes a school portal for nursery, primary and secondary schools. Our school portal incorporates functionalities such as SMS and email alerts to parents to keep parents in the loop of their child’s progress at school both academically and socially. Parents have secure login to the portal as well.

Other core functionalities include automated promotion exercise which saves hours of manually conditioning such an exercise, another core feature is the SMS/email broadcast system to parents. The features mentioned here are by no means exhaustive.

HR System

Another of our software solutions is an HR Software which is tightly coupled with a pay roll software and a clocking machine. Because our software products/services are always very flexible so as to adequately cater to a wide variety of business and general needs, we have existing options for clients to choose the HR Software as a stand alone system or the pay roll software as stand alone. Our software solutions are always custom made to fit your particular business software needs.